Crypto presents even more potential for aggregation
Aggregation is now commonplace in the travel industry. Even individual travel providers themselves have incorporated some degree of aggregation into their booking flows, with airlines for example now selling everything from accommodation to rental cars and travel insurance. While travel agents of course still exist, they too have begun to use very similar aggregator systems themselves, and therefore to still provide value have been forced to take on more of a curation and inspiration role. All of this occurred in an industry where a reasonably high level of regional or even global coordination had already been established prior to aggregation, through bodies such as the Association of Car Rental Industry Systems Standards and International Air Transport Association.
Lacking these regional and global bodies, how much more important and indeed necessary is an aggregator system in the fractured world of cryptocurrencies.
The concept is not only technologically proven, but also familiar to many, and proven to be financially viable. In a best-case scenario, continued growth in cryptocurrencies has the potential to approach the current size of the global financial industry, about
$20tn, or more than double the current travel industry. This doesn’t even include the myriad of other uses for blockchain technology, which has potential to disrupt everything from the art world to legal professions. The total crypto market has already reached a $2.5tn mcap, and with the current limited aggregator platforms having a combined mcap of less than $1bn (around 1% the size of Booking Holdings) there is clearly already significant room for growth.
Investment grade: The ARC platform will provide users with the trading instruments and instant liquidity access that they need to manage their own digital assets, at a level suited for professional and/or institutional class participation.
Decentralized: We believe in giving users full control in managing their wealth, in a manner that avoids the locks and limitations ordinarily imposed by centralized financial service providers. ARC is non-custodial. Your keys, your coins, your business. Our platform does not impose any KYC requirements, while allowing users to tap the full potential of exchanges that do.
Consolidated multi-market aggregator: No longer will users be forced to manage their digital assets across a handful of platforms. ARC is consolidating all major centralized & decentralized exchanges, NFT markets, and also decentralized smart contract driven applications (dApps) under a single unified platform.
Ease of use: An intuitive and powerful interface that accesses assets in just three clicks.
Best price: ARC will allow users to tap the power of liquidity routing to ensure that they always get the best deal within the entire global cryptocurrency market.
All CEX’s: ARC will securely auto-sync data from over 600 cryptocurrency exchanges and 6000 assets, offering you a seamless experience trading your digital assets.
All DEX’s: ARC will facilitate fast and efficient trading on all available DEXs without requiring an intermediary or compromising performance or security. Imagine a dashboard that allows you to trade, arbitrage, and manage every single DEX you hold liquidity in - all in one place. That’s ARC.
All NFT marketplaces: ARC will allow you to create, buy and sell NFTs using our native marketplace. Our data feeds will pull from every corner of the broader NFT market and combine prices from Rarible, Mintable and Opensea.
All DeFi lending protocols: ARC is compatible with all DeFi lending protocols and integrates with several blockchain systems such as Uniswap and Sushiswap through their smart contract. All while allowing you to lend and borrow tokens through various DeFi applications.
All ERC20 wallets: ARC will be compatible with all major ERC20 wallets allowing you to securely store, receive, send and trade your tokens. Your keys, your assets!
All staking platforms: ARC will allow you to maintain control of your tokens and maximize your holdings through all the available staking platforms. Staking is a way for users to compound their cryptocurrencies by participating in staking or lending.
Last modified 2mo ago
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