Week 10

Swaps 2.0
Our Swaps2.0 update has been received very well! We're constantly working on ways to make the DeFi experience faster, more seamless, and most of all gas-effective. A full changelog can be found here and if you've not yet had a chance to play around with it we encourage you to do so!
  • Coinmarket Cap Rest API Update
  • Bug Fix for higher gas fee
  • Preparing installation and config new AWS
Liaising with user testers over video calls has proved to be a great way of collecting human feedback on what otherwise has been mostly hard data. The feedback and more importantly the reactions to what the ARC Reactor has meant for beta testers and their workflow have been inspiring.
Console 2.0
Ongoing development work has commenced on Console2.0 as we look to find the most effective ways to navigate technological challenges in pursuit of the best aggregation experience in all of web3. We're looking forward to sharing more updates as they become available with our community.
Paris Blockchain Week has been at the forefront of our minds for a while now due to the potential exposure it can draw. Our stand has been designed and we have made up some marketing collateral for the event. We will have a presence there all week and we look forward to showcasing the Reactor and ourselves as a team.
Day 1 - Investors Day
Day 2 - Web3X
Day 3 - Summit Day 1
Day 4 - Summit Day 2
We have been granted $100,000 by AWS, which goes a long way towards extending development across the board. We have also received one other grant that will be announce later on.