Week 23

  • NFT marketplace has launched onto production and is out there for everyone to see. We acknowledge that we have some bugs to fix to optimise the platform to even get it to the start line.

  • Marketing has had a near impossible time with the constant delays to the platform and thus has been placed on hold entirely - we have plans but as you can appreciate we need to get the product right first.

  • No hard dates being given for the completion of the NFT MP. This is not because its far away but because we don't want to disappoint.

  • SWAPS - We are aware of the mobile compatibility issue and this will be addressed as soon as the NFT MP is stable and launched.

  • ERC1155 - To be removed as an option due to complications for initial launch. This will be intended on being in later iterations, but for now ERC721 will be the only token type supported. (THIS DOES NOT AFFECT LAZY MINTING)

  • AMA Upcoming - 1900 UTC Wednesday 08 June 2022 - This is a general update and a forum to ask any questions or voice any concerns.

  • Ryan Kowalczyk is taking 2 weeks off to properly recover from COVID and will be back no doubt with increased vigour and passion. We wish him all the best in recovering and look forward to seeing him on his return.

  • Patch Notes created in Gitbook - these will be updated after every release.

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