Week 48

  • Stablecoin and wBTC Farms ended and moved to inactive with a 2.5% increase to SSS for 7 days.
  • Updates to new contracts
  • Reactor v2.0 up to the mainnet, the specification and feature following the guidelines in our internal tokenomics
  • The implementation of ARC Virtual Machine (VM) and ARC Compiler without any dependency from a backend service provider
  • Switch from IP whitelist model to wallet address
  • ​Fix USD price in Farms earning
  • ​Fix Switching network Polygon, Optimism & BNB Chain
  • ​Created and pushed the 'What is ARC Compiler' video ​
  • Working on content for an upcoming educational series ​
  • Gearing up to push out a few shilling graphics for our community
  • The first public, live Reactor demo conducted and released in GMA
  • Lady of Crypto interview published
  • BETA testing structure progressing
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