Week 47

  • Working on website updates and changes
  • Revision and continual improvement to the ARC pitch deck
  • Working on a video explaining what exactly the Reactor Compiler is (and why we're working so hard on it)
  • Working on general marketing material for some exciting announcements we have coming up
  • Fix dApp on multiple chain network Optimism/Polygon / BNB/ Ethereum
  • Connect to trust wallet on mobile view
  • Bug Fix Load token balance
  • Bug Fix Swaps on mobile browser
  • Discussions with L1 foundations advancing, grants & resources in progress
  • Influencer partnerships developed, AMA recording this week.
  • Decks, modelling & workflow documentation complete
  • L1 Foundation interview finalised, pending release
  • Swaps Update to include Optimism/BNB Chain & Polygon Swaps
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