Swaps 2.0

  • Arbitrum chain has been integrated.
  • Optimism chain has been integrated.
  • Polygon chain has been integrated.
  • BNB chain has been integrated.
  • Swaps wallet switching is now a much more seamless and consistent experience.
  • Point of Swaps has been added with the goal of providing additional important information about your swap at a glance.
  • Swaps now charge a small fee (0.2% of the swap) and send it to the ARC Treasury wallet on all chains - first step on the way to $stARC rewards
  • At the moment you cannot import custom tokens on chains other than Ethereum, but this is coming in the near future.
  • UI Completely reimagined.
  • Dark and Light modes added.
  • Fear and Greed display added.
  • Total Market Cap display added.
  • Slippage is set to 0.5% by default.
  • Minor bug fixes across the board and stability increased.
Last modified 2mo ago