Week 18

02 May - 08 May

It's been a busy week as we polish up our NFT Marketplace as well as continue to push updates to our suite of products.

To date:

  • Minor updates throughout the website:

    1. Dollar amount placed into Farms

    2. Mobile text issue for 'Start Farms' fixed

    3. Images have been compressed to optimize loading for slower devices and internet speeds

    4. Some incorrect decimal places have been corrected

    5. Loading ring has been implemented when a user is awaiting a token approval to make the user experience more intuitive

  • GPool allocation has been airdropped to those holders

  • SCSG airdrop has been sent for ARC holders

  • Team articles can now be easily linked to via their profile cards on the landing page

  • 204 total items have been completed on the NFT platform over the last week across UI/UX updates as well as specific test actions

  • Staging link has been shared and team is collecting feedback and making updates as necessary for a smoother user experience

  • Developers continue to push final revenue share contract development as well as dashboard development


  • JUP AMA to be held in our discord May 3rd 1900 UTC

  • Upcoming AMA with SCSG (follow our socials for exact timing)

  • Final rounds of NFT Marketplace testing before launch

  • Deployment of the updated dashboard

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