Week 17

25 Apr - 01 May

We’ve dropped a significant update a bit too large for this format in both Discord and TG but some of the main takeaways are the 1st round of NFT QA is complete, with all functions tested. Now we move further into R2 involving UI/UX updates and load testing. More community members will begin being brought in to test as well.

To date:

Minor UI/UX updates across the dApp Slider bar has returned from the void for swaps Mobile optimization on popup windows Ethereum is now the default network when loading in Updated swaps messaging (tx hash is now clickable to direct to etherscan)

Main landing page overhaul complete (ARC.Market) ARC has been relisted on Vulkania.io for tracking CertiK has been sent back with updates from the team, awaiting their review and push of these.

Several more calls have been made with onboarding more large partners in which we will utilize our DeFi suite and dev power to provide services for their projects

Sending ARC tokens directly to the wallets of participants in DePo’s private fundraising round with GPool, the first batch will be sent Monday. It will pay out 1/4th of what was to be distributed to holders over the year. (4x the pace)

We’ve onboarded a SM Manager, Tom Kidner, to assist further in pushing our social presence.

Our LP pool APY has been adjusted down. Further adjustments will take place on a biweekly basis, next will occur on April 18th (pushed until 25th).

Our SSS staking remains and has seen slight upward adjustments 👀 First round of sharing platform revenue has begun and the APY in SSS farms reflects this at nearly 20% APY currently


Revenue Share smart contract in continued development Dashboard over 50% complete on complete overhaul. Will progress this as NFT Marketplace is packaged for launch Updates to landing page including live market cap to be added Discord airdrops are ongoing and expect an increase in activity here as we get closer to product launches Additional marketing to begin, and AMAs being scheduled for upcoming week as well, stay tuned for those announcements

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