Week 37

  • Additional Business Structure documentation produced for internal processes
  • Road Map - in progress
  • White Paper - in progress
  • Leads for reactor continue to progress well
  • Secret ARC NFT collection dropping #soon
  • Reactor documentation in roll-out phase
  • Creating more clips for the Reactor documentation
  • Generating marketing assets and logo renders for ARC Reactor
  • Business Development continuing at an increasingly interesting pace
  • Met with potential ecosystem chain partners
  • Doubled the amount of people in our giveaway for a trip to London to meet football legends in person and win 1,000,000 $ARC
  • Signed up for deeper media database research to expand our media relationships
  • Launched developer portal and assets
  • Finalized press release for this week, ready to ship
  • Increased email database by over 1,000 members
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