Week 25

  • We've just pushed an update to the ARC dApp specifically for mobile users interacting with the WalletConnect integration. The update patches an issue where user balances would not populate nor allow the swapping of tokens, even if the wallet had valid funds. This is a major technical fix and changes most of the logic that originally caused the issue

  • NFT Marketplace has undergone more stability fixes to ensure it can support all functionality and this process is ongoing. Good headway is being made in this area

  • An issue with JWT that affected the dApp and Marketplace has been rectified

  • Weekly AMA's on Wednesday at 1900 UTC will continue in order to give the community a platform to voice opinions and discuss any ongoing issues or concerns they may have

  • We will be hiding areas of the website that have not been completed and ensure that we focus our efforts to finalise products before moving onto the next part of the roadmap

  • Roadmap will be discussed and finalised over the next few weeks with a consideration taken to ensure we don't overstretch

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