Week 7

  • Continue research in Console 2.0
  • Continue development of Swaps 2.0
  • Reactor UI Update
  • AI focussed GMA
Reactor Update
  • Diagram code editing: The API provides an extendibility functionalities to the diagram editor that allows developers to write and edit code via diagram. This will typically include features such as syntax highlighting, code completion, and code navigation to help developers write code more efficiently and with fewer errors. This helps developers and partners to develop the primary tool that developers use to write, modify, and maintain their code on top of Reactor
  • Diagram Debugging: An API that also provides access to Reactor debugger that allows developers to find and fix errors in their code. The debugger allows developers to step through their code, examine variables and data structures, and identify the root cause of errors. The debugging process is critical for ensuring that code is correct, reliable, and performs as expected.
  • Core API in ARC Reactor works by extending the core functionality of the Reactor IDE to provide additional features or capabilities that are not included in the base ARC Reactor.
  • When Reactor loads, it loads its core plugins along with its core components and at the same time gives access to the given API. These core plugins are provided by ARC Reactor and are designed to work seamlessly with the API.
  • Core plugins API can add functionality to ARC Reactor in many ways. For example, a core plugin might add support for a new programming language, provide additional debugging tools, or add new menu items or toolbars to the Reactor.
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