Week 26

  • We've started designing a more evolved landing page to more accurately showcase what ARC is about and why everyone should be using it. This page will feature a lot more themes based around the ARC Reactor - using abstract and interesting imagery.
  • We're creating a 3D model and animation to represent the power and features of the ARC Reactor while evolving our brand colours and theme to support the new website design.
  • Coinbase Wallet issue caused by 3rd party dependency and software and security changes. A fix is being looked into to remedy this situation.
  • Development merged over 9 separate pull requests this week involved with improving the UI / UX of the NFT Marketplace
  • Great progress on the AVM frontend. All props have been finalised. This is the virtual machine that compiles a generated source code from ARC reactor. With the AVM, a user can test out the solidity code in their browser, deploy the code to an in memory blockchain, perform interactions with the contract and much more.
  • The associate team has been streamlined and restructured with a more sales oriented focus
  • Partnerships for the next two months will predominantly be phase 1 marketplace & generator focused
  • The ARC Marketing team has been busy drafting up a Q3 strategy & content calendar
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