Week 19

NFT marketplace testing is ongoing. We've brought in even more community and partner projects to obtain feedback and are making some minor changes based on what we've received from them. Several AMAs coming up this week as well as more discussions with future NFT project partners.

To date:

  • Minor updates throughout the website:

    1. Some modules color changes were being stubborn, they received the hammer and now match

    2. Farms data displays even when user isn't logged in

    3. About us section has added members

  • Links now display properly on all social platforms

  • SCSG private round is underway for 75k token ARC holders. Info can be found at starcardsports.games/token

  • LP rewards have been adjusted down. No further change has been decided; we will announce if/when another adjustment is needed


  • APE Dads <> ARC Twitter spaces Tuesday 10th 7-8pm EST | 11pm-12am UTC

  • Crypto Assassins AMA Friday 13th, 1-2pm EST | 5-6pm UTC

  • Final rounds of NFT Marketplace testing before launch

  • Deployment of the updated dashboard

  • ARC Generator continued development/finalization for launch

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