Week 46

  • Two high-level AMAs/features locked in

  • Coin Market Cap & Coin Gecko Updates

  • APY on SSS Farms Doubled

  • dApp Bug fixes

    • Fix Token Balances when change wallet

    • Fix Farms APY not loading properly

    • FIx Swap and loaded token balance

  • ARC Meme Competition

  • Influencer partnership locked in

  • Discussions with Top 50 MC projects & enterprises ongoing

  • Fixed Swaps token visibility on dApp

  • New Hire! - Chief Revenue Officer - AJ DiValerio

  • Updating and refining the ARC main website as we prepare for more eyes on the project

  • Working on Creating Smart Contract from Scratch video

  • Getting new team addition announcements ready

  • Preparing more promotional content around the ARC Reactor

  • Creatively optimizing investor/investment assets across the board

  • Reactor has been integrated into an in-built functionalities for the following:

    • Chain,

    • block data,

    • AbiCoder,

    • Accounts (address, balance, nonce),

    • buildTransaction,

    • encodeDeployment,

    • encodeFunction

    • RPC handler

      (All of which to enable seamless compiler feature into Reactor)

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