Week 29

  • Onboarded a new community moderator (Sam Malone) and associate (Thomas ZH) in order to boost community engagement and sales

  • Preparing launches of JUP Apes and SCSG, as well as a number more for Phase 1 MP launch

  • The progress on the website is an ongoing mission to add greater clarity around our products, mission, progress and team - It’s a hot week all around, especially with partnerships cooking in the kitchen and being served fresh off the grill next week.

  • Stay tuned as we release more information this week. - watch out for exciting giveaways, staking rewards and more over the next 21 days - AMAs and Twitter spaces are being planned, we are looking forward to connecting with you

  • Partner pages are launching this week for our upcoming NFT marketplace or tech partnerships, helping us articulate the benefits to ARC token holders and new community members

  • Started creative development on the ARC Reactor Logo

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