Week 11 - 15

🚀 Website Upgrades
  • Ongoing improvements to make the Reactor website more user-friendly, with a focus on crafting a simple, comprehensive, and attractive introduction to the platform.
  • Reworking some marketing collateral and website messaging to reflect a clearer vision of the Reactor ecosystem.
🎨 dApp Store Mockups
  • Designing and planning user interaction for our upcoming dApp store as a part of our growing ecosystem. (more to follow on these new mockups)
🌾 Farms 3.0 Development & Testing
  • Rigorous development and testing of Farms 3.0 Smart Contracts to ensure a seamless transition from Farms 2.0.
  • Farms 3.0 currently in the planning stage, with more information to be shared soon.
  • New farms with exciting updates in the works, aimed at increasing incentives for token holders to stake.
🛠️ Farms 2.0
  • Addressing minor bugs in Farms 2.0 to enhance user experience.
  • 2.5% (at current price) reduction in APY through less emissions
🌏 Crypto Intro Trip to UAE
  • Exploring synergies, connections, and partnerships in the UAE, with potential business incorporation. Exploratory in nature it has opened up some interesting discussions and possibilities
🔀 Houdini Swap Listing
  • Reactor listed on Houdini Swap, marking the beginning of a relationship focused on offering anonymous swaps.
🔍 Expanding Swap Offerings
  • Scoping additional products to be included in Swaps for a more diverse range of options.
🎛️ DeFi Ecosystem UI/UX Upgrades
  • Planning minor UI/UX enhancements to improve the DeFi ecosystem's usability.
💻 L1 Integration into the Reactor
  • Heavy development underway for new L1 integration, boosting the Reactor's capabilities.
🖼️ dApp Marketplace Artwork
  • Artwork for the dApp marketplace completed, adding visual appeal to the platform.
📈 Sales and CRM Improvements
  • Streamlining sales and CRM processes and procedures to prepare for large-scale growth.
🏆 Exhibitions
  • Applied to participate in TechCrunch Disrupt Battle200, an event showcasing the most impressive startups in disruptive technology.
  • Attending Consensus 2023 - Austin, TX
📣 PR & Marketing Collaboration
  • Engaging in ongoing discussions with a PR & Marketing firm to spread the word about ARC/Reactor and increase our reach.
  • AMA's completed with $SCRT & $KOIN
🌐 AWS Migration
  • Successfully migrated to new AWS servers, which are funded by AWS, significantly reducing the financial load of our technical infrastructure.
🤖 AI Integration in the Reactor
  • Planning and charting out AI integration V1 in the Reactor, focusing on providing a superior AI-assisted experience for users.
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