Week 30

  • Worked on launch graphics for our partners, JUP Apes and StarCard Sports Games
  • We are creating a logo for the ARC Reactor to be used as a standalone logo in addition to the main ARC logo
  • We launched JUP Apes NFT collection, and the NFT MarketPlace
  • Press release introducing JUP Apes NFT: https://bit.ly/3vd9n4Q​
  • Press release for 300k $JUP and rare JUP Ape NFT giveaways: https://bit.ly/3cIcPyb​
  • Press release distribution reports attached
  • We're definitely seeing a shift in sentiment on all fronts, even from some who left the ARC community and hodler ranks, returning with open minds and hearts
  • We launched landing pages for partner projects. You can see the first one here for JUP Apes: https://www.arc.market/jup-apes-nft​
  • SCSG Launch of the Diamond Palla Ball series & Scarves
Last modified 9mo ago