ARC is partnering with StarCard Sports Games


Blockchain technology has already demonstrated its potential to disrupt and transform countless industries worldwide. Hence aggregating the entire complex and rapidly-growing crypto world is an ambitious undertaking, but nonetheless something that the ARC team is taking very seriously. Having already established a competent core product offering in the cryptocurrency and DeFi market segment, our attention is widening to newer developments in the NFT and GameFi space.


Building on the design philosophy of our Swap and Bridge products that offer a cheaper, faster, and more powerful choice for users, we’re excited that our proprietary NFT platform (or #mARCetplace, if you will) is undergoing final testing this week. ARC will soon offer everyone a place to mint, buy, and sell on the Ethereum network at industry-leading low fees of just 1%. Of course, being an ARC product, half of the revenue generated by the NFT Marketplace will be returned to holders of the $ARC token once this system is finalised and switched on next month.


Something else that has kept the ARC team busy behind the scenes over the past weeks and months has been exploring and cultivating relationships with what believe to be some of the highest potential projects around. Here at ARC we believe that our core values of transparency, accountability, and excellence are key to success and hence we want to ensure that demonstrated common ground exists in these areas when considering close partnerships. After thorough review we couldn’t be happier to announce our first NFT partnership which will feature deep integration on both sides, incredible mutual synergies, and set the benchmark for future relationships in this space.


StarCard Sports Games (SCSG) is the first of its kind sports gaming platform that leverages solid low-cost Layer 2 polygon protocol tokenomics while initially minting NFTs on Ethereum with the option to expand to other blockchains in the future. SCSG has partnered with TapIn mobile solutions to create a data-driven platform that bridges the digital divide between real-life athletes at all levels and their digital avatars, bringing real-world data from the players’ human performances into RPG and managerial strategy style play-to-earn games.


It should be no surprise that building on ARC’s powerful, intuitive, and low-cost NFT marketplace platform was a compelling option for SCSG. In exchange for the use of the ARC NFT marketplace along with dedicated support, both the ARC project and ARC token holders will enjoy a share of the revenue generated from SCSG’s transactions. But it’s not just the 1% marketplace fee we’re talking about here — indeed, the depth of integration is such that SCSG will share 10% of gross revenue across their entire platform with ARC. The ARC token will also form a core part of the StarCard Sports Games product and help to facilitate in-game transactions, with mechanics built in to create buying pressure for $ARC.
Revenue and price opportunities aside, this partnership will also create significant marketing opportunities by opening both parties up to new audiences and potential users and investors. But that’s not all, as the ARC community will also benefit from an airdrop of 5 million $SCSG which will be distributed among top $ARC holders.


There are many parallels between blockchain technology and sports in general, and with football (soccer) in particular sharing the same kind of borderless global appeal, die-hard fan base, and incredibly strong and pervasive culture. The world’s most popular sport has an estimated 265 million players worldwide, and the previous four-yearly World Cup final back in 2018 had a staggering 3.5 billion views, that’s over 30 times more people than an average Super Bowl game.
As a result, focusing on Soccer (Football) was a logical first step for SCSG but it’s not an exclusive focus as the technology is equally applicable elsewhere and gives the project numerous opportunities to diversify in the future and reach the similarly-zealous supporters of rugby, tennis, basketball, baseball, cricket, formula one, and much more. After all, almost everyone worldwide plays or watches a sport of some kind.


The scope and potential of this partnership should be clear by now — there’s certainly a lot of exciting news to digest even just in this release, and yet this is still just the tip of the iceberg. We’ll be providing more details to both the ARC and SCSG communities during joint AMA sessions to be announced shortly.
In the meantime, you can learn more about SCSG on their website, join the Discord community, and engage with the project on Twitter. The partnership between ARC and StarCard Sports Games is an exciting step forwards for both projects, and by working together we’ll be able to spark a wave of mass adoption in the world of play-to-earn sports gaming.