ARC: Pioneering the future of the CEX
ARC: The Next Evolution of Centralized Exchanges
#ARC is a next-generation decentralized trading terminal aiming to surpass beyond the lengths of the entire cryptocurrency market to empower institutional investors and aspiring cryptocurrency enthusiasts with distinctive features and endless possibilities.
Get ready to dive into the cryptocurrency world of ARC and build your success with us.
Centralized Exchange Consolidation
Centralized exchanges or CEXes are essential in bridging fiat and crypto. In other words, they make it possible for traders to buy, sell and trade cryptocurrencies with fiat or crypto through the so-called order book containing all the buy and sell orders for a specific currency pair set at a price that favors the buyer or seller. The most attractive offers are what determine the market price of assets on exchanges. Many investors make a living day-trading through the order books, and it’s easy to see why! Thousands of orders at different prices offer a plethora of arbitrage opportunities.
Some professional investors benefit from those arbitrage opportunities by buying and selling across multiple CEXs to make better profits. However, this process can be unmanageable and stressful. Manually transferring funds between exchanges can be time-consuming and costly, leading investors to rely on automated tools to accelerate their trades. Unfortunately, these tools are only accessible to fewer people. With ARC’s launch on the horizon, it’s time for this to change!
  • ARC aims to include over 25+ CEX integrations in the V1 release.
  • The MVP launch of ARC will have integrations for Binance, FTX, and Huobi.
  • Browse order books consolidated from all major exchanges on the market
  • Create or accept orders on a variety of exchanges, instantly, without ever worrying about manually bridging funds or paying high transfer fees
  • View your trading activities from various platforms on a single dashboard
  • Use ARC without KYC (Know Your Customer) requirements. Your identity is your own. (Note that the underlying exchange may still require KYC)
  • Smart order routing for trades utilizing the price spreads on the market.
ARC will provide users with a simple-to-use, all-in-one order book consolidating all centralized exchanges such as Binance, Huobi, or FTX and allowing users to see orders within a unified dashboard. Not only will users have a sleek dashboard consolidating the order books from various platforms into one, but they will also be able to create or accept orders directly from ARC. To make things even simpler, ARC will implement smart-order routing to automatically take advantage of the most favorable deals available in the entire market. In other words, smart-order routing will automatically split up a trade into multiple smaller ones across various platforms to ensure the deal received is the best possible one for the trader!
How Will Users Benefit from ARC’s CEX Integrations?
ARC users will be the first to get the most benefits out of the platform! Besides the convenience of having all exchanges & order books consolidated on one platform, it’s important to keep in mind that:
  • ARC’s consolidated order book will open up an endless amount of arbitrage opportunities for its users.
What makes ARC a unique trading terminal is its ability to offer cross-platform arbitrage opportunities! If you’re not sure what arbitrage means, consider this hypothetical example: BTC is being sold for $50,000 on Binance, but on FTX it is being sold for $50,100. What if you were able to buy BTC on Binance and immediately sell it on FTX? You would make a profit of $100 per Bitcoin! Traders call this method arbitrage!
In practice, arbitrage opportunities like the one mentioned above are difficult to execute manually. Bridging and transferring funds between various platforms can be slow and cumbersome. At present, there is no easy way for retail or professional investors to easily and quickly move funds between platforms and take advantage of any arbitrage opportunity. To reiterate, only a handful of people in the world have access to (often private) automated tools allowing them to overcome such hurdles. ARC changes that by allowing every user to arbitrage across multiple exchanges with ease. Users who discover ARC first will benefit greatly from this feature.
  • ARC cuts out the hurdles involved with transferring funds between platforms, as well as the majority of fees involved in this process.
In addition to cross-chain arbitrage opportunities, ARC will help investors avoid fees associated with transferring funds across several platforms. Exchanges charge fees on every transaction made while trading or moving funds. ARC is solving this issue by minimizing fees through a process called smart-routing. This feature will largely benefit investors who transact a large volume of trades while allowing them to save a significant sum on fees!
  • Every trade on ARC will allow users to benefit from the best deal and price spread across centralized and decentralized exchanges.
The aforementioned smart order routing mechanism is going to be huge for the users. With ARC, placing an order will provide you with the best possible deals on the market across centralized and decentralized exchanges alike. More details on the DEX Integration will be available in another article. Make sure to keep an eye out & follow our Medium.
The ARC Vision
We strongly believe that ARC will unlock all arbitrage opportunities and make them easily accessible to users with the potential to transform the current state of cryptocurrency trading. Early adopters will be able to reap the benefits of arbitrage through ARC until the market has time to adjust. With the average person having access to the features offered on ARC, this is an enormous step forward to facilitate the mass adoption of cryptocurrencies.
This is only the beginning! Our mission is to deliver on our promises, help our community be an integral part of our mission, and share in the success of ARC. We will continue to deliver advanced automation tools, bots, signal alerts, and more institutional-grade tools throughout the entire period.
The Road Ahead
We hope you are just as excited about ARC as we are! Our team is determined to deliver everything that ARC is promising and more! Do note that all the features will be introduced progressively throughout the development of the platform. Not everything will be available right away; instead, it will all be implemented as ARC evolves. You may refer to the items outlined below to have an idea about our timeline pertaining to the CEX integrations:
MVP (Minimum Viable Product) Stage: Sept 2021-Nov 2021
  • Dashboard: View your trading activities across multiple platforms.
  • Major Exchanges integrations: Binance, FTX and Huobi
  • Trading: Native execution of trades & orders from multiple exchanges
V1 Stage: Nov 2021-March 2022
  • Top Exchanges: The top 25 CEXes to be integrated on ARC
  • Centralized Order Book / Consolidated Trading View: Monitor and act on the best trades across multiple exchanges available from a consolidated interface
  • Smart Order Routing: ARC will route transfers between both CEX’s and DEX’s in order to find cheapest transfers in multi-account transactions
V1.5 Stage: March 2022-June 2022
  • Institutional level trading tools: Signal alerts, automated order execution
V2 Stage: March 2022-June 2022
  • Proprietary Exchange: Match lowest price & split fees to result in optimal trades.
Once the foundational features of ARC are established, we will focus on further innovative implementations & opportunities — such as a Trade Station allowing users to copy trades of top-performing investors, as well as create, share, and charge fees for trading bots running on the platform. This and many more possibilities will be explored as ARC grows with you. So make sure to stay in touch with us on our social media to receive all the latest news & updates about ARC.
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