ARC has assembled a strong group of professionals from across both the blockchain industry and the wider corporate world. We believe that we have the best people in place to guarantee long-term growth and success. The project’s leaders include:

TJ Dunham – CEO

TJ is the founder and CEO of ARC and has a wealth of business management expertise along with a deep understanding of both traditional and decentralized finance. He has the knowledge and drive to develop ARC into a market-leading aggregator solution that will open the floodgates to crypto mass adoption. From managing a team of international employees and traders while partner at a forex, commodities, and crypto trading firm, TJ has a first-hand understanding of what’s necessary to create a product that will appeal to both retail users and large institutions. He has already used his expertise in many award-winning blockchain projects before taking the helm at ARC.

Henry Syahputra – CTO

As ARC’s resident scrum master & recently promoted to CTO, Henry helps to ensure that our developer team is always operating at peak efficiency. He’s worked for MNCs based in Europe, the US, and Southeast Asia, using just about every technology stack under the sun. In addition to coordinating teams, his own personal developer skills are also nothing short of extraordinary. With an impressive history in the crypto world, Henry has most recently been building on Avalanche & Solana which nicely rounds out the blockchain expertise within the ARC team. Henry has contributed to the design of an integrated DEX, built links between blockchains & off-chain systems, and managed crypto apps on iOS and Android. Past experience implementing complex systems used by >10 million subscribers will be particularly valuable as ARC continues to scale.

George Fox – COO

George brings an impressive mix of military and business experience to ARC — a perfect match for ensuring success in one of the world’s most dynamic industries. As head of Operations, he specializes in providing structure and organization to increase ARC’s output and efficiency. His service as a British Army officer in Afghanistan included a number of high-profile roles, managing hundreds of soldiers in extremely challenging environments. Planning time-sensitive operations in highly complex and high-risk situations are skills that are obviously highly transferable to the corporate world, and George subsequently worked in several international start-ups in different fields, coordinating remote teams to drive growth and ensure commercial viability.

Nick Ashley – CMO

Nick provides a strong combination of traditional corporate marketing and consulting expertise with the specialized knowledge of how to effectively generate awareness in the unique crypto environment. As a head of Marketing for ARC, he is responsible for communicating the project to the world. His marketing background includes working as a regional manager for Singapore Airlines, with portfolios spanning Australasia, Europe, and Asia. Nick has also completed remote business development consultancy projects in diverse parts of the world from the Americas to the Middle East.

Ryan Kowalczyk – Community & Project Manager

Ryan brings his management experience from both civilian work and his military career to ARC, leveraging both to develop and employ professional and successful community development strategies. As ARC’s community manager, he’s responsible for handling the social channels, building engagement, managing product feedback, and assisting the head of marketing in implementation of the marketing strategy. His background includes six years of military service in the United States Air Force as well as three years in the sales/internet marketing division for a national automotive group. The structure and skills he brings to ARC will be instrumental to building one of the best communities in the crypto space.
Quality Assurance Manager - Jacob Binnie
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