While simpler aggregator platforms have begun to emerge, they have mostly been more limited in scope. ARC wants to bridge the entire crypto ecosystem via the most powerful investment grade platform that is still intuitive enough for the newest user. There is little incentive for users to engage with an aggregator system unless they can manage absolutely everything in one location. Our ability to cover the entire market and our understanding of this problem immediately puts ARC in a stronger position than competitors.

Liquidity aggregation

ARC allows you to access all your trading activity and see your portfolio performance on one unified and easy-to-use dashboard. Connecting to ARC effectively means supercharging all of the platforms you currently hold crypto on. The liquidity in all of your accounts becomes free flowing, collectively calculated, and displayed on our dashboard. This essentially means that any account you connect to ARC, whether it be a CEX, DEX, Wallet, or NFT marketplace will be visible to you in a single place. The assets in the account will be instantly transferable and connected to the liquidity you have in all other accounts.
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